Talk About our Earth


Did you ever think that a lot of tragedy and weird symptom have been happening in our around lately. Can you felt it that the weather is going crazy? Sometimes the weather hot and sometimes cold, it was complex, until we even never know what season this month. In every topic that I read or watch news on television or news paper, the headline always talks about disaster, disaster and always about disaster. It was become a hot topic in every debate or discuss. All right we start to review the disaster that happened in early these years.  This month flood disaster had engulfed a half our earth in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and also the other countries.  What happen if the flood drawn our place, and we couldn’t find save the land. Everything disappeared and a lot of people died. How if the prediction of Maya clan about dooms day will take place in 2012? well all the prediction maybe take place if we are as human being who live in this earth never want take care or keep earth well.

Now we can see the reality that our earth is sick and it always throw out something material from inside, like mud or oil and another materials we even never know what is that. The lapindo tragedy or spilt of the oil in mexico gulf, maybe it was just one of a mistakes which was made by human error.  Consequently we have to face a lot mankind become a victim because of careless and ignorance.  How many people have sacrificed for people who never responsible with these troublesome? Well don’t ever remorse come in the end. Come on right now, we altogether keep our earth from damaged of human error. Start it from our self. Make realize yourself that earth is part of our life. Let’s we Protect and love it. Growing  the sense of  care with nature in you self starting right now. if not now, so when?????


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