Let’s communicate our emotions: Emotional Intelligence

Well, the best things in our life that if we can reach whatever what we want like success, love and happiness. Everything it can be true depend on our ability to create and maintain great relationships.

Most people do a good job with relationship at the start. If we have a good relationships with the other people, that makes us easy to make a lot of link. But often we always have stumble road to make good relationship? Sometimes we always face a several obstacle like problem when we due to breakdown in the skill of emotional intelligence. Fortunately, it is never late to develop our skill of emotional intelligence. We have through a several process. Once you have to learn 5 keys to develop skill of emotional intelligence. you will be able to create and sustain, secure, successful and long lasting relationships.

1.  The ability to manage stress. It means you have shut down ability to feel, to think rationally and to be emotionally available to another person. You must try to control and focus in one problem. Try to relax and don’t push yourself too much.

2.  The ability to recognize and manage your emotions. Emotional changing holds the communication process. These changing are triggered by basic emotions, including sad, anger, offend, fear, nervous, joy and disgust. to communicate in that ways. You have to able to recognize and access your emotions how they can influence your actions or relationships.

3. The ability to communicate non verbally. it means we don’t have talk too much. Try to attract your surrounding with communication non verbal. Eye contact, gesture, facial expression, tone of voice, touch, timing and sound that convey understanding engage the brain and influence others much more than your words alone.

4. The ability to use humor and play in your relationships. Playfulness and humor can help you to navigate and rise above difficult and embarrassing issue. The condition can be relax and tight each other.

5. the ability to resolve conflict your relationships. the way to respond a different argument or disagreement personal or professional relationships can create hostility and irreparable rifts or commence the building trust and safety. the capacity yourself to take conflict in stride and forgive easily is supported by your ability to manage stress, to be emotionally available, to laugh easily, and communicate with non verbally.

conflict in relationship can be deal breaker and a heart broker. Two people can’t possibly always have needs, perception, and opinion. ant that may be can be bad things. But when conflict is resolve in healthy way. it can be a cornerstone for trust between people. And when conflict isn’t perceive as treating and punishing, it fosters freedom, creativity, trust and safety in relationships. ok just try it………????





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