The advanture movie


Percy Jackson and lightning thief is one of good adventure movie  to fill up your holiday. You can enjoy with all journey and history who is consist in this movie, actually this movie tell story about son of god in ancient Greek, a half blood means Percy has a half human blood and also has a half god blood.

In ancient Greek story as we know that have a lot of god but the greatest are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Actually they are sibling, because Percy is son of Poseidon so he can’t read in English word. That’s make him confused he can speak English but he can’t read in English, its only he can do it, exactly read in Greek word because he descend of Poseidon god,  he also have the protector his name  Grover, he is half goat. And annabeth is daughter of Athena, god of wisdom. And also Mr. Brunner is a teacher of history major. But beside that he is a centaurs, he has got a half body horse.

After fury one of Hades messenger found Percy at the school. Finally Mr. Brunner decided that Percy must have been brought to camp site for specially people like him. Grover asked Percy to meet his mother and they were going to camp. In the middle their journey, the bull blocked their travel.  and a lot of amazing action in those movie. For the next story I think you better watch this movie, …..have a nice watching….^-^


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