Hmm….The word of late isn’t strange in our around. Let me tell you my story who always makes me remorse? And I was late to realize it……it is all start it from………..?

Someday exactly one year ago when I have finished teaching my student at my class, I decided to turn on my computer and opened a face book to check my mail? And suddenly my friend on lined and tried to make conversation with me, well because she was my friend when I’m senior high school so I replied her message, but I never thought that something disaster will begin in my life?????.She told me that she was really miss me and she wanted meet me sooner and asked me to join her project. She told me the project was about human development, it was really interest and Of course that makes me happy, I’ was jobless and I didn’t have another job besides teaching and did my last assignment,

Well actually at that time, we made a date and we agreed to meet in UGM circle at 04.00 PM. And after that finally she came with her friend after I had been waiting for 30 minute (promise one time but she was late). And she introduced me with her friend. Truly I never had negative thinking with another people, after she introduced me I just knew that the project was all about MLM (multi level marketing), well I had experience about this company from china ( I won’t tell about the brand). But after I watched a profile and all background of his business, I thought this company different with the other MLM, and I can see the future bright with this company and the presenter said to us they gave us guarantee if we couldn’t running this business, besides that the salary made me interest to join their company, and they also had a good service and really convenient me. After that, finally I joined with their company of chine

And several days, I have joined oh my god a lot of thing made me surprise, during 2 month 15 days I can earn 3, 9 million rupiah, and I have got 5 star for my achievement, that makes me proud. Everything completely executive class, like my shirt, my style, my gesture and one things makes me annoying that  I must wear high heels, oh my god I hate that one habitual have to change, in the other side there was a big problem waiting inside my heart.

Yeah one thing made me forgot that I really far away from my god, after I paid attention all member in that community. Mostly, the member was really rarely to pray 5 times. Most of them busy with their activity and money, they never grateful and just left it their obligation. They had dreams, idea and also spirit. But they forgot and underestimated god with ignored time to pray .I never want does it anymore. Just that becomes my past experienced. Until now I still saw that useless activity in UGM circle I saw some of a people who thirsty with money but never grateful or remember with god. Shame on them.


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